An amazing trip between two beautiful lakes. The lakes are connected by a small creek that starts at the top of Glingspitze Mountain (2433m). I started the trail on the right side of Jägersee lake. With the great view of Jägersee lake and some diving ducks, your trip starts of right away. The wonderful scent of the pine forest and the sun trough the trees always gives me a warm feeling. For a few minutes you walk on a narrow path towards a bridge where you will cros the stream and take a right turn to start the real trip between the two lakes.

The narrow path continues on the left side of the stream. After about an hour I arrived at the second parking spot. If you start here you can skip an hour of walking. But knowing now how beautiful that hour was I’m glad I didn’t skip it.

After a couple of minutes I heard some bell. I knew right away that it were cows coming down the mountain. I recognized the bell from they cow right outside the hotel. I thought; cows, here on the mountain? And yes, there they came. In a perfect group all after each other. What a job you have to get that group of cows safely down the mountain. That couple did an amazing job and were very friendly.

Then the real work began, the climb up. From here it started to rise really fast. The higher I got, the better the view became. What a great trip! The best thing was that there were so many elderly coming down the trail. What were those people fit! And here I was, huffing and puffing going up. Sometimes I really had to stop and catch my breath. But that gave me some time to take some amazing mountain view photos. And there it was! The waterfall I heard almost all the way up. What a great sight.

Not much later I arrived on the top op the trail. Tappenkarsee, we made it! A beautiful place, and a beautiful hiking trail.

Difficulty: easy to medium
Equipment: sturdy footwear
Duration of the trip there and back: approx. 5-6 hours
Arrival: A 10 Tauernautobahn, exit Flachau, at the roundabout take the 2nd exit to Wagrain, from Wagrain on to Kleinarl stopping at parking lot at lake Jägersee
Best hiking time: June to October
Refreshments: Tappenkarseealm, Tappenkarseehütte and Gasthof Jägersee